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DO Advanced

The basic tenet of DO Advanced is to make existing EV-DO networks and devices perform as efficiently as possible by exploiting unevenly loaded networks, and to do so without substantial changes to existing infrastructure.

The software-upgradeable Smart Network techniques enabled by DO Advanced are fairly easy to implement, and their impact on overall network performance can be quite dramatic. To the extent an operator takes advantage of newly enhanced devices, additional gains can be realized.

DO Advanced is comprised of a variety of features which can be introduced in an EV-DO Revision A (Rev. A), Multicarrier EV-DO or EV-DO Rev. B network. DO Advanced leverages two basic characteristics of today’s mobile data traffic, namely that the mobile data traffic across an operator’s network is never uniformly distributed in space and time, and that many of the data sessions are relatively short in duration.

Instead of adding capacity across an entire network, DO Advanced allows an operator to dynamically allocate existing network capacity where and when it is needed the most. In most cases, the “Smart Network” features of DO Advanced only require software changes in the infrastructure with many of its benefits extending to legacy devices. Unlike any other network upgrade, the increase in network capacity and the improvement in user experience can be realized immediately without requiring a lengthy device migration strategy.

DO Advanced also introduces features which can help optimize an operator’s network to support a large number of mobile devices by minimizing the signaling overhead associated with these devices attaching and disconnecting from the network. To the extent this overhead is minimized it frees up even more network capacity. Plus, DO Advanced includes new features which will improve the performance of mobile devices, including faster data rates and extended battery life. Although DO Advanced does not require new devices, these features will eventually become enabled since they are part of the CDMA2000 chipset roadmap.

DO Advanced is comprised of three basic building blocks: Smart Networks, Enhanced Connection Management and Advanced Devices.

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