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CDG Sponsor Spotlight - Nokia Siemens Networks

Scott Mottonen, Head of CDMA Business Nokia Siemens Networks, shares our continuing commitment to CDMA

Nokia Siemens Networks and CDMA
Nokia Siemens Networks has emerged as a major force in the CDMA industry. Thanks to the acquired heritage, scale and industry leading practices, we are able to deliver tomorrow's solutions in today's ever evolving world of mobile communications. In addition to delivering the best in technology, Nokia Siemens Networks products and services portfolio also offers reduced total cost of ownership and superlative on-going support solutions, helping you deliver the best to your customers in turn.

CDMA and the industry environment
CDMA Technologies currently deliver mobile voice and data communications to over 500 million subscribers worldwide and the industry continues to grow. Importantly CDMA continues to evolve, co-existing and working with nascent technologies. Nokia Siemens Networks CDMA 1X portfolio offers the latest advances in voice services capability with CDMA 1X Advanced, which offers communications service providers the opportunity to increase coverage or capacity as required. Around the world the unprecedented increases in mobile data communications means that CDMA EV-DO Advanced networks will prove invaluable in meeting that demand. This is where Nokia Siemens Networks has stepped in with its CDMA EV-DO Advanced solution: a solution that incorporates the latest techniques to deliver optimum levels of customer satisfaction and experience; many of the techniques employed, such as smart networks, are common to LTE.

Nokia Siemens Networks: Fulfilling operators’ and consumers’ needs
Nokia Siemens Networks is ideally positioned to provide tailor-made solutions for today and tomorrow, with a straightforward and proven migration path from CDMA to LTE.  Our market leadership in LTE is well documented, implying that your investment in CDMA is protected. For example, in Japan we are honored to be party to one of the world's first Nationwide CDMA - LTE networks.
Drawing on years of experience in delivering winning solutions, Nokia Siemens Networks focuses on delivering end-to-end customer excellence; we pride ourselves in being at the forefront of technology development, realization and customer service across the whole spectrum of communication infrastructure. Take a look at Nokia Siemens Networks