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International Roaming Team (IRT) Overview

The CDG’s international roaming objective is to provide subscribers with the ability to enjoy the benefits of CDMA service globally. To this end, the IRT provides a forum and structure for the industry to improve the state of roaming by increasing overall CDMA roaming coverage, reducing complexity and deployment time of implementations, and improving the reliability and the richness of the subscriber experience. The IRT’s activities include:

  • Developing best practice recommendations and interfaces for CDMA international roaming.
  • Working with member carriers and vendors to understand and deploy international roaming recommendations and solutions.
  • Providing an environment for networking among business and technical professionals from CDG member carriers and vendors.
  • Developing documentation that will serve as reference for carriers preparing to roam with other CDMA carriers and with other technologies.
  • Providing roaming centric training.
  • Acting as a mediator in solving industry roaming issues and interpreting CDG IRT recommendations.

IRT Team Leader Contact Details

Carrier Relations Contact Details

  • Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe and the Middle East: Federico Nienstadt*,
  • North, Central and South America including the Caribbean, Bermuda, and Cruise Ships: Libby Mackay, Qualcomm,

    *On-loan from Qualcomm to the CDG

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