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IRT Meetings

The IRT has face to face meetings around the world twice a year as well as organizing conference calls between meetings.

The next IRT meeting will be held in the United States in the fall of 2014. Check back soon for an update.

The benefits of participating in the CDG IRT meetings include:

  • Meeting and interacting with CDMA carriers face to face to enhance or establish roaming agreements and relationships.
  • Access to CDG experts, fellow roaming partners and roaming vendors who provide their expertise and knowledge of CDMA roaming through training and individual meetings.
  • Being on the ground floor of creating best practices for CDG IRT work items and issues and having your views and experience help steer the direction and outcome of the work items.
  • Being the first to see new tools and resources to increase your roaming team productivity
  • Increased visibility for your company to international CDMA roaming carriers worldwide capturing the interest and attention of prospective roaming partners.
  • Learning best practices for implementing and maintaining voice, SMS and data roaming to quickly increase your roaming coverage.

The IRT has already developed implementation guidelines and tools for interconnecting, billing, and testing voice, SMS and data to enable a service provider to quickly deploy international roaming service for their customers. The team is currently focusing on expanding data and prepaid roaming services and is spearheading the effort to support inter-standard (CDMA/GSM/4G) roaming.

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