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Market Facts

CDMA2000 Market Trends & Facts
By CDG, December 2013
Also available in: Español
CDMA450 Market Facts
By CDG, December 2013
Also available in: Español | Portugues
TNS Roaming Hub for CDMA: The Industry's First and Only Global Roaming Hub for CDMA Operators
By TNS, May 2013
Next-Generation Networks – CDMA2000: Evolving to Continue the Expansion of the Wireless World
By CDG, May 2013
Building LTE Device Economies of Scale
By CDG, November 15, 2012
HD Voice: Creating Value with High-Definition Communications
By CDG, February 2012
EV-DO Rev. B: World’s First Multicarrier Broadband Technology
By CDG, February 2012
DO Advanced: Introducing Smart Network Techniques
By CDG, February 2012
1X Advanced: Further Enhancing Voice Communications Performance
By CDG, February 2012
OMH: Enhancing Device Variety
By CDG, May 2011
WorldMode: Creating A World Without Boundaries
By CDG, May 2011
Impact of Smartphones and Computers on CDMA2000 Networks
By CDG, March 2011
CDG's M2M Industry Efforts
By CDG, March 2011
CDMA450 Global Update
By CDG, March 2011

What is CDMA450?
By CDG, March 2011

3G/4G WorldMode Devices
By CDG, January 2011
Smart Devices and Services Connected by CDMA2000
By CDG, December 2010
CDMA2000 1X Advanced
By CDG, September 2010
The Year 2009 In Review
By CDG, December 2009
Ten Reasons: Why it Makes Sense to Upgrade to EV-DO
By CDG, December 2009
CDMA Certification Forum: The Official Test and Certification Forum for All CDMA2000 Devices
By CDMA Certification Forum (CCF), November 2009  
International Roaming: Expanding Your Worldwide Reach
By CDG, November 2009
CDMA Migration Path to LTE
By CDG, September 2009
CDMA2000: Path to LTE
By CDG, January 26, 2009