CDMA Technology
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CDMA History
October CDMA concept conceived for commercial telecommunication applications 
February CDMA proposed as a more efficient, higher-quality wireless technology
November First CDMA system demonstration (Pac Tel Cellular, San Diego)
February First CDMA field trial demonstration (NYNEX, New York City)
November First large-scale CDMA capacity tests using commercial-grade equipment
June CTIA asks TIA to expedite adoption of CDMA standard in North America
September First CDMA network equipment ordered (U.S. West New Vector, Seattle market)
April South Korea adopts CDMA as its national cellular telephone system
July U.S. TIA adopts CDMA (IS-95A) as a North American digital cellular standard
December CDMA Development Group (CDG) is founded
October Field tests of CDMA networks in China successfully completed 
October First Korean CDMA system unveiled 
June PCS PrimeCo selects CDMA for its PCS network 
July Sprint PCS adopts CDMA for its PCS network 
November World’s first commercial CDMA handsets shipped  
December World's first commercial launch of CDMA service (Hutchison Telecom, Hong Kong) 
December CDG develops 13 kbps vocoder for high-quality voice communications 
December CDMA (IS-95A) standardized for U.S. PCS band (ANSI J-STD-008)
March First North American launch of cellular IS-95A service (Bell Atlantic Mobile) 
April First Korean launch of cellular IS-95A service in Seoul (SK Telecom) 
October First launch of PCS IS-95A service (PrimeCo, now Verizon Wireless) 
December First Latin America launch of IS-95A (Telefonica del Peru) 
December More than 1 million CDMA subscribers worldwide 
April First Canadian launch of cellular IS-95A service (BC TEL Mobility, B.C.) 
May First IS-95A WLL launch (MTNL, India) 
June IS-95B standard completed (64 kbps data transmissions) 
June cdmaOne™ trademark launched by CDG for IS-95 CDMA 
October First Canadian launch of PCS cdmaOne (Bell Mobility and Clearnet) 
December cdmaOne service commercially available in 100 U.S. cities 
December 7.8 million cdmaOne subscribers worldwide 
March First cdmaOne data service launched (LG Telecom, South Korea) 
April TIA endorses wideband CDMA (aka CDMA2000®) for ITU 3G solution 
June CDMA2000 submitted to ITU to be a IMT-2000 global 3G standard 
September World's first commercial launch of IS-95B (SKT, South Korea)  
November First HDR (1xEV-DO) demonstration 
December 23 million cdmaOne subscribers in 30 countries worldwide 
April cdmaOne Internet services launched in North America, Korea and Japan  
May Operators complete CDMA harmonization agreement for IMT-2000 
July CDMA2000 1X standard completed and approved by ITU for publication 
November ITU-R selects CDMA2000 1X as IMT-2000 (3G) MC-CDMA standard  
December 50.1 million cdmaOne subscribers worldwide (83 operators in 35 countries) 
January IDO Corporation and DDI Cellular Group launch IS-95B nationwide in Japan 
March First CDMA2000 1X voice calls completed by Qualcomm, Samsung and Sprint PCS 
April TIA approves CDMA SIM card standard for publication 
June First 153kbps CDMA2000 1X data transmission completed by Lucent and Qualcomm 
June CDMA2000 1xEV-DO introduced to global marketplace by the CDG 
July IUSACELL becomes first Latin American operator to offer wireless Internet services 
October First CDMA-GSM interoperable SIM card introduced to global market 
October World’s first 3G CDMA2000 1X commercial services launched (SK Telecom, LG Telecom, South Korea) 
December 80.4 million CDMA (cdmaOne and CDMA2000) subscribers worldwide 
March CDMA2000 1xEV-DO trials successful completed (KDDI, Japan) 
June CDMA2000 1xEV-DO recognized by ITU-R as part of the 3G IMT-2000 standard 
July Western Wireless (now Verizon Wireless) launches first CDMA2000 1X services in United States 
August World’s first mobile IP call successfully completed by Nortel and Qualcomm 
August 1 million commercial CDMA2000 1X subscribers worldwide 
September 100 million CDMA (cdmaOne and CDMA2000) subscribers worldwide 
October CDMA/GSM inter-standard roaming using R-UIM enabled handsets demonstrated 
December World’s first CDMA450 network commercially launched (Zapp Mobile, Romania) 
December 111.4 million CDMA subscribers worldwide, including 3.7 million CDMA2000 subs 
January World’s first CDMA2000 1xEV-DO network launched (SK Telecom, South Korea)  
April KDDI launches first CDMA2000 1X services in Japan 
April Telefónica Cellular launches CDMA2000 1X services in Brazil 
May 10 million commercial CDMA2000 subscribers worldwide  
August CDMA industry commits to delivering CDMA2000 equipment in the 2100 MHz band 
October Monet Mobile Networks launches first CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Rel. 0 services in United States 
November TDMA operators select CDMA2000 as the most economical path to 3G 
December 146.7 million CDMA subscribers worldwide, including 33.1 million CDMA2000 subs 
January IUSACELL launches CDMA2000 1X network in Mexico 
February CDMA2000 dominates location-based services (LBS) market, serving 10 million users 
March China Unicom launches roll-out of nationwide CDMA2000 1X network 
May Reliance launches CDMA2000 1X services in India 
May 50 million CDMA2000 subscribers worldwide, including 1 million 1xEV-DO subscribers 
August KDDI dominates Japan’s 3G market, capturing 93 percent of 3G market share 
September Cumulative shipment of CDMA chips surpassed 1 billion 
November KDDI launches CDMA2000 1xEV-DO services in Japan 
December 188.6 million CDMA subscribers worldwide, including 85.4 million CDMA2000 and 4.3 million EV-DO subs 
March 500 CDMA2000 devices from 40 vendors offered, including 50 1xEV-DO devices 
March 5 million commercial CDMA2000 1xEV-DO subscribers worldwide 
April 3GPP2 approves CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Revision A (Rev. A) specification 
April World’s first high-speed wireless data roaming service between China, Japan and Korea 
May NMT-450 and TETRA operators select CDMA450 as their path to 3G 
June 100 million CDMA2000 subscribers worldwide, representing 97 percent 3G market share 
August World’s first 1xEV-DO network launched in 450 MHz band (Eurotel Praha, Czech Republic) 
September World’s first CDMA/GSM WorldModeTM device introduced (Samsung SCH-A790) 
November 100 commercial CDMA2000 service providers in 50 countries across six continents 
December CDMA captures 25 percent market share in India, 14 million users (500 percent growth) 
December 240.2 million CDMA subscribers worldwide, including 146.8 million CDMA2000 and 12 million EV-DO subs 
March 100 million CDMA handsets with GPS position location technology in commercial use
March First live demonstration of CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Rev. A 
July CDMA Certification Forum (CCF) is formed 
December CDMA industry celebrates 10 years of commercial success  
December 950 CDMA2000 devices from 64 device manufacturers offered commercially since 2000  
December 143 CDMA2000 operators commercially deployed in 67 countries on 6 continents 
December 301.9 million CDMA subscribers worldwide, including 225.1 million CDMA2000 and 24.4 million EV-DO subs 
January Entry-level (sub-$50 USD) CDMA2000 mobile phones are commercially available 
March Portable computers with embedded EV-DO modems are commercially available 
March TIA/EIA publishes CDMA2000 EV-DO Revision B (Rev. B) standard 
June First CDMA450 network launched in Latin America (Valtron, Peru) 
October World’s first CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Rev. A network launched (Sprint PCS, USA) 
December 373.5 million CDMA subscribers worldwide, including 325.1 million CDMA2000 and 55 million EV-DO subs 
February 103 operators in 60 countries select CDMA450 to deliver 3G services 
February Ultra low-cost (sub-$35 USD) CDMA mobile phones are commercially available 
March CDG launches CDMA University 
October World’s first wireless broadband public safety solution deployed (Washington, D.C.) 
October First WorldModeTM chipsets embedded into notebook computers
November ITU WRC-07 approves 450 MHz and 700 MHz band for next generation IMT services 
December 431.1 million CDMA subscribers worldwide, including 417.5 million CDMA2000 and 90.5 million EV-DO subs 
February 65 operators 38 countries in the Middle East and Africa select CDMA2000 
April World’s first Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) launched (Leap Wireless, USA) 
April 24 operators 16 countries in Europe select CDMA2000 
May World’s first CDMA Open Market Handset (OMH) trials completed in India 
June EV-DO subscribers surpass 100 million globally 
July CDG and IA450 combine efforts to strengthen CDMA450 industry
October China Telecom takes control of China's CDMA2000 network
December 464.7 million CDMA subscribers worldwide, including 454.9 million CDMA2000 and 112.4 million EV-DO subs 
April World's first CDMA2000 Android smartphone is launched (HTC Hero)
April-October Multiple operators trial and announce plans to deploy EV-DO Rev. B
August CDMA surpasses half a billion subscribers
August 1X Advanced standard is published by 3GPP2, quadrupling CDMA2000 1X voice capacity 
October CDG becomes 3GPP Market Representation Partner (MRP) 
November CDMA Roaming Hub announced 
November More than 300 CDMA2000 operators in 116 countries and territories
December 528.1 million CDMA subscribers worldwide, including 524.2 million CDMA2000 and 141.3 million EV-DO subs
January First EV-DO Rev. B network deployed (PT Smart Telecom, Indonesia)
April DO Advanced specifications are published by 3GPP2
April First 3G/4G (Mobile WiMAX) Mobile smartphone launched by Sprint (HTC EVO)
September MetroPCS launches first CDMA2000 1X/LTE network
September First 3G/4G (LTE) Mobile smartphone launched by MetroPCS (Samsung SCH-R900)
December 4,255 CDMA2000 devices from 133 device manufacturers offered commercially since 2000
December 314 CDMA2000 operators in 120 countries and territories
December 577 million CDMA subscribers worldwide, including 574.9 million CDMA2000 subscribers and 162.6 million EV-DO subscribers  
February  Simultaneous Voice and Data (SVDO) CDMA2000 handsets were commercially introduced
April First High-Definition (HD) Voice call made across a CDMA2000 network (Ericsson)
September China Telecom became the largest CDMA2000 operator in the world with 117M subscribers
December World’s first 1X Advanced network deployed (Cricket Communications)
December 626.3 million CDMA subscribers worldwide, including 625.7 million CDMA2000 subscribers and 208.9 million EV-DO subscribers