CDMA Technology
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Case Studies

Consumer Telematics: DriveCam - The Easy Case for Saving Lives
By CDG, June 2011
Healthcare: Cardionet - Remote Patient Monitoring Stops Healthcare from Hemorrhaging Money
By CDG, June 2011
Industrial and Energy Management: ABB Reduces Service Delivery Costs and Improves Customer Responsiveness
By CDG, June 2011
People and Asset Monitoring: OmniLink Enables New Location Services
By CDG, June 2011
Retail: Digital Payment Technologies - Payment Technologies Drive Revenue Growth
By CDG, June 2011
Transportation: American Trash Management - A Business Case for Reduced Truck "Rolls"
By CDG, June 2011
Axesstel’s MV440 CDMA Wi-Fi Gateway Case Study: J&T Electric: A Cellcom Independent Agent’s Success Story
By Axesstel, August 19, 2010
Axesstel’s MV440 CDMA Wi-Fi Gateway Case Study: Recreational Use Case Study
By Axesstel, November 13, 2009
TELMEX: Latin America’s Largest CDMA450 Operator
By CDG, October 2009
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CDMA2000 Operator Case Studies
By CDG, July 2009
Sky Link: Russia’s Leading 3G Operator
By CDG, June 2009  
Public Safety - EV-DO Rev. A: Ensuring Clear, Secure and Reliable Mission-Critical Communications
By The CDG, November 2008
Push-To Applications – EV-DO Rev. A: Delivering the Next-Generation of PTT and PTX
By The CDG, November 2008
TATA Indicom: Meeting an Obligation to Serve the Masses (Emerging Market)
By CDG, April 2008
WANA: Leading Morocco’s Telecom Revolution (Emerging Market)
By CDG, March 2008  
Starcomms of Nigeria: Expanding Connectivity in Africa’s Most Populous Country (Emerging Market)
By CDG, February 2008
KDDI: Search – Information on Demand: KDDI Puts the Internet and More in the Palm of Your Hand
By CDG, October 2007
KDDI: LBS – Peace of Mind: KDDI Helps to Save Lives and Keep Customers Safe
By CDG, October 2007
KDDI: M-Commerce – Making Money Mobile: KDDI Turns Phones into Wallets
By CDG, October 2007
KDDI: Music – Music-to-Go: CDMA2000 Phones Become the Hottest Mobile Music Players in Japan
By CDG, October 2007