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Nokia Revealed as Algerie Telecom LTE Supplier
By Nick Wood, May 21, 2014

Neotel Launches Fixed Broadband Over LTE
By Mary Lennighan, August 22, 2013

Rostelecom Targets Mobile Growth
By Anne Morris, August 16, 2013

Net 1 Details M2M Connectivity Strategy
By Mobile Business Briefing, October 5, 2012

450MHz Band Has Great Potential, Even for LTE
By James Middleton, October 3, 2012

Orange Poland Cites Multi-tech Network as “Competitive Advantage”
By Mobile Business Briefing Staff, October 3, 2012

CDG Bullish on Future of CDMA
By Mobile Business Briefing Staff, October 3, 2012

Orange Poland Upgrades CDMA Network
By Telecompaper Staff, November 7, 2011 

Internet by the Minute Lures Mobile Users in Emerging Markets
By  Crayton Harrison and Femi Adi, March 9, 2011

CDMA450 Continues to Expand in Europe
By, March 3, 2011

Vodafone Offers National Roaming Onto CDMA Network
By Cellular News, October 1, 2010 

Reality Check: The Impact of 3G in Emerging Markets
By Perry LaForge & RCR Wireless, September 7, 2010

ZTE Wins Polish CDMA Network Expansion Contract
By Cellualar News Staff, September 14, 2010  

Nordisk Poland Awards Expansion Contract to Huawei
By Cellular News, May 31, 2010

Russia’s SkyLink Latest Carrier To Adopt Rev. B
By Caroline Gabriel, May 19, 2010 

NetAachen Launches CDMA450 Based Internet Services in Dueren
By Infotech Spotlight, May 13, 2010

ZTE Builds CDMA Network for Madagascar's Madamobil
By Telecom Africa, July 20, 2009