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CDG Seminar at CCA's Global Expo

"Technology Considerations for Building and Managing the HetNet”
March 26, 2014
San Antonio, TX

Mobile operators today are managing increasingly complex networks that incorporate multiple network technologies including CDMA, LTE and WiFi. The challenge is to maximize the returns on the existing infrastructure while deploying the new, leading to an integrated HetNet.

To address this important topic, the CDG held a seminar at the CCA Global Expo in San Antonio. The seminar featured executives from The Alaska Wireless Network and C Spire Wireless and leading vendors Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson and ZTE, and was be moderated by Iain Gillott, President of iGR.


Welcome and Intro
Iain Gillott, President, iGR

“Managing and growing the multi-technology mobile network”
Krag Johnsen, VP of Revenue,The Alaska Wireless Network (AWN)

“Operator views on building the Het Net”
Mitchell Jordan, Manager, RF Design Engineering, C Spire Wireless

Panel Discussion and Q & A
Moderated by: Iain Gillott, President, iGR

Brahm P. Parasher, Business Strategy & Product Mgmt, Wireless Networks Systems, Alcatel-Lucent
Mark Tierney, Product Manager, RBS, Ericsson
Krag Johnsen, VP of Revenue, The Alaska Wireless Network

Mitchell Jordan, Manager, RF Design Engineering, C Spire Wireless


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