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Global Handset Requirements for CDMA (GHRC)

The GHRC team brings together a diverse group of operators, as well as device, application and chipset vendors, who share a common goal: to facilitate the delivery of feature-rich and affordable 3G devices to citizens across all markets around the world. Jointly, they develop detailed device specifications based on a shared set of carrier requirements and device functionality, so that operators and vendors can use them to source and deliver products faster and more economically.

The GHRC team has already published a number of open standard specifications for CDMA2000 devices ranging from entry-level phones to USB broadband modems, and is now working on the next set of priorities. Click here to view the documents.

Through the GHRC, both operators and vendors are realizing economies of scale and a reduced time-to-market. This translates into new opportunities for operators and a stronger competitive position for the CDMA2000 industry around the world – Manufacturers reduce development costs and timing, and operators pay less and get the devices they need faster.

Detailed information on the GHRC team is available to the CDG’s Members in the Members Only section.