CDMA Technology
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The CDG’s mission is to lead the rapid evolution and deployment of CDMA2000 and complementary 4G systems, based on open standards and encompassing all core architectures, to meet the needs of markets around the world.

The CDG and its members work together to:

  • Accelerate the definition of requirements for new features, services and applications
  • Promote industry and public awareness of CDMA2000 and complementary 4G capabilities and developments through marketing and public relations activities
  • Foster collaboration and the development of consensus among carriers on critical issues to provide direction and leadership for the industry
  • Define the evolution path for current and next-generation systems
  • Expand the selection and availability of affordable devices
  • Enable and expand inter-standard global roaming
  • Establish strategic relationships with government ministries, regulatory bodies, and worldwide standards and industry organizations to promote cooperation and consensus on issues facing the wireless community
  • Serve as the worldwide resource for CDMA2000 and complementary 4G information
  • Minimize the time-to-market of new CDMA2000 and complementary 4G products and services
  • Enable global compatibility and interoperability among CDMA and OFDMA systems worldwide
  • Promote the business objectives of its members