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Open Mobile Puerto Rico

Open Mobile (OM) is a wireless company established in 2007 in the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico. When Open Mobile was launched, it revolutionized the wireless market by being the first company in Puerto Rico to offer unlimited services at flat rates without requiring a contract or cancelation fees. They also include as part of their paid in advance business model, unlimited roaming and SMS in USA Continental. OM has a solid and modern network with wide coverage that provides voice, SMS and data services. Their roaming offer keeps growing by adding Dominican Republic among other international destinies. Today OM “had the highest overall satisfaction rates among cell phone providers in Puerto Rico, according to the latest Caribbean Business / WOSO Radio / Gaither International poll. (Caribbean Business, November 19, 2009)”. This recognition is thanks to Open Mobile’s working team commitment to meet their subscribers’ needs and fulfill the market’s demands in a fast and dynamic way. For more information regarding Open Mobile, please visit our website:

Open Mobile Puerto Rico Web site