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On Waves is the leading player in wireless mobile network communications and enables GSM and CDMA coverage on board Cruise & Ferry vessels, on board Cargo ships, Business Aviation jets and remote terrestrial locations.

On Waves is subsidiary of Siminn – Iceland Telecom, a well known International mobile phone carrier, ideally situated, employing 1300 persons, with more than 340 International roaming agreements, signed and active. Siminn has been the very first Maritime GSM provider of the world and has been the one who offered its services to the very first Cruise vessel which realised a world-tour, connected.

Siminn offers Maritime roaming services to its GSM roaming partners since late 2002.

On Waves powered by an exclusive and patented technology makes reality wireless mobile network communications, on seamless way for the end-user, wherever they are exactly as if they were ashore.

On Waves offers a wide range of enhanced services that are suitable, both for ship owners, business jet operators, for the crew members, as well for the end users.

On Waves is managed by the world’s leading executives in mobile systems, active in the industry for more than twenty years.

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