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Belize Telemedia Limited

Established on May 29th, 2007, Belize Telemedia Limited is the largest business, telecommunications and multimedia company operating in the country of Belize with a book value in excess of US $100m.

Today this new and dynamic company boasts 33,500 fixed telephone lines, 130,000 cellular customers and 8,000 Internet customers, countrywide.

With more than 475 skilled and trained employees and 15 branch offices throughout the country, Belize Telemedia Limited is focused on developing, engineering and deploying state-of-the-art network and technologies in its aim to provide the best in communications and multimedia services.

The company is committed to expanding its present wire line, mobile, data and Internet services by bringing on-stream a wide array of first class services and products under each service portfolio. In addition, its high-capacity, high-speed network provides customers reliable, fast, dependable and premium service accessed locally, nationally, regionally and internationally.

Belize Telemedia Limited with its digital network in place will provide world class standard for mobile, data, and multimedia communications.

Corporate headquarters are in Belize City, with 15 customer service centers throughout the country. Telemedia is focused on expanding beyond the national borders thereby increasing shareholder value, developing new opportunities for employees and assist with the economic development and growth of the nation of Belize.