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Anritsu Corporation

Anritsu Corporation is a global supplier of high-performance test and measurement equipment for the wired and wireless telecommunications industries. Anritsu traces its history in wire-line communication to 1895 and has been a pioneer in wireless communication since 1900. The Corporation is headquartered in Japan. Its American subsidiary, Anritsu Company, is headquartered in Morgan Hill California, USA. Anritsu provides test solutions to customers in over 90 countries. In 1990, Anritsu acquired Wiltron Company, which is now the Microwave Measurement Division. MMD is responsible for the popular and innovative Lightning and Scorpion vector network analyzers and the Site Master cable and antenna analyzers. Anritsu's Photonic Measurement Solutions Company is a leading supplier of optical test equipment.

Anritsu's Wireless Measurement Solutions Company provides the world's most extensive line of WCDMA testers for wireless mobile and network equipment. CDMA2000 test solutions are jointly developed in Japan and the USA. CDMA2000 products include "one-box" mobile station testers, vector signal analyzers, signal generators, protocol monitoring, and over-the-air test solutions for wireless Internet devices and applications.

Anritsu is proud to be a member of the CDMA Development Group and to participate in the most popular and rapidly growing 3G wireless technology available. Anritsu is committed to listening to the needs of our customers and providing innovative, high-performance test solutions for the CDMA community.