CDMA Technology
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Aeris Communications, Inc.

Aeris is a leading provider of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) network services in North America using CDMA cellular technologies. Through its unique AerFrameTM solution and partnerships with more than 50+ wireless carriers in North America; Aeris delivers rugged, real-time managed data delivery for mission critical applications such as life-safety and security, high-value asset tracking, and numerous other fixed and mobile wireless applications.

Aeris has created a new and powerful paradigm in wireless M2M rugged connectivity combined with standby availability of higher bandwidth network services. AerFrame provides customers with network options tailored to their specific needs - virtually any network protocol or combination of protocols best suited for specific M2M application requirements. Today, Aeris provides service to many customer M2M devices and has managed billions of data transmissions. The growth of Aeris mirrors the development and growth of M2M communications.  

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