CDMA Technology
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Membership Benefits

Members of the CDG set the direction of CDG activities, guide the development of standards, and develop plans for the interoperation of next-generation mobile broadband solutions.

CDG membership at the Executive Board level offers the opportunity to participate in setting the priorities of the CDG. The Executive Board, comprised of senior executives from leading operators and equipment suppliers, overseas the work of the technical teams and special interest groups.

The opportunity for operators to contribute to the strategic planning efforts of the CDG ensures that requirements are being prioritized to meet their needs and are communicated to a broad community of vendor and equipment manufacturers. Operators also have access to CDG resources and services, for business development, regulator support, handset procurement and roaming, through dedicated CDG teams.

Membership benefits for vendors include the advantage of obtaining first-hand real requirements from operators and the opportunity to interact with other vendors and manufacturers. Member networking can assist product development and service planning efforts.

CDG teams currently are involved in areas including global handset requirements, handset aggregation, international roaming, and evolution. New teams and special interest groups are formed as needed.

The CDG engages in proactive public relations and marketing campaigns to promote the benefits of advanced wireless technologies and to keep the industry and media apprised of their market position and continued growth. Using media and analyst relations, articles in trade and business journals and information through our website, emails, events and targeted mailings, the CDG delivers a consistent message regarding the successes, capabilities and evolution of these technologies.

As a key part of the marketing initiative, the CDG hosts conferences and forums online and across the globe. Member companies participate in these events to reach audiences of thousands of people around the world.

CDG membership is open to carrier and vendor companies.