CDMA Technology
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Device Initiatives

In an effort to accelerate the development and availability of CDMA2000 and LTE devices to meet the diverse needs of consumers across different markets, the CDG has established the following initiatives.

Device Strategy Council (DSC)

CDG’s Device Strategy Council is a board level decision making body that oversees the organization’s work on device availability and determines forward looking strategies. It also provides specific guidance to the GHRC (described below) regarding its technical priorities. The DSC includes senior level participants from operators, and handset, chipset, application and infrastructure providers.

Global Handset Requirements for CDMA (GHRC)

The goal the GHRC team is to accelerate time-to-market and facilitate the widespread availability of CDMA devices by providing standard device and application documents for use by CDMA operators and their terminal suppliers. These documents establish a common language for identifying CDMA operators' terminal requirements to create greater economies of scale, while also allowing for regional or operator-specific requirements. The team has already published a number of specifications for CDMA2000 devices, ranging from entry-level phones to broadband data-cards. The documents are available to CDG members at no cost and can be downloaded from the GHRC webpage.


The purpose of this Task Force is to accelerate the transition from ESN/UIMID to MEID/EUIMID identifiers throughout the CDMA2000 industry. The Task Force provides information for operators and vendors and works closely with other industry organizations including TIA and 3GPP2. Click here for more information.

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